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Webcast: Deadly Buda Radio streams classic rave, teknival, hardcore techno, morph beats, broken beats, and wildstyle 24/7/365. Random Uploads Info: Yes! You can upload your tracks, live sets, mixes and even ads to Deadly Buda Radio! Your music will go into a folder on a server, at which point it may be randomly selected by our computer to air. We dedicate an entire hour at 2:00pm PST for Random Uploads. To upload, go to this page...

Our stream is 128kbps which requires a fairly fast internet connection. For slower connections, we also stream via AAC+ at 24kbps. The AAC+ format streams higer quality audio at lower bandwiths. You will need. WinAmp (for PC) or VLC (for Mac and other operating systems) to listen to the AAC+ broadcast. For Palm Treo, use pTunes Deluxe. We also stream via Spodtronic...


DEADLY BUDA is now available anytime and anywhere – on your mobile phone!

As DEADLY BUDA became part of the spodtronic network, you can now listen to our program from around the globe by simply downloading the spodtronic software to your mobile phone.

In addition to the standard radio program, spodtronic enables you to also receive visual content and interactive services relating to the songs you’ re listening to, e.g. pictures, ring tones, song downloads, etc.

You can download the spodtronic player to your mobile phone for free by using one of the following links: …

Version 2: http://xtfm.com/deadly_buda_us.sis?user-agent=Series60/2.x
(Nokia N90, N70, N72, 6682, 6681, 6680, 6630, 6630i)

Version 3: http://xtfm.com/deadly_buda_us.sis?user-agent=Series60/3.x
(Nokia 3250, 5500, 5700, 6290, 6120, 6110, E50, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70, E90, N71, N73, N75, N76, N77, N80, N91, N92, N93, N93i, N95)

The download of the software is for free, and it needs appr. 650 KB storage space on your mobile phone. The use of spodtronic will only create costs for the streaming of the data which depends on your network operator. Therefore get in touch with your operator to find out about the tariff. **

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to send us an Email: support@spodtronic.com------------------

** The Internet connection creates the usual costs relating to the GPRS/UMTS-tariff of your network operators. Please make sure to get a low priced flatrate or data package of your network operator in order to be able to enjoy the music probably.

DJ Deadly Buda also appears every week on RadioValve.


Featuring DJs: Deadly Buda and Delta 9 Airs at:
11:00 pm Friday Night
6:57 am Saturday Morning
2:54 pm Saturday Afternoon
10:51 pm Saturday Night

(All Times Pacific Standard Time, USA)

Notes: Two U.S. Hardcore legends, Deadly Buda and Delta 9, drop the most insane back to back sets chock full o'cranium-bashing, head-smashing, skull-crushing wax evil. From their Universal Dynamo and Revolution 909 releases, respetively. Oh yeah--forgot to mention that these tunes are also nut-busting and bone-blugeoning. And just look at how many trax they fit into 2 hours!
Deadly Buda Radio
-Classic Rave and Teknival-
Other Low Bandwidth Streams (AAC+ is best):
mobile stream

DAILY SCHEDULE (all times California Pacific Standard Time)

Midnight - DJ Nikadeemas Classic Rave Mixes
2:00 AM Random DJs
4:00 AM DJ Deadly Buda Classic Rave Mixes
6:00 AM Random DJs
8:00 AM Dirt Down Under - DJ Amok from Renegade Virus Soundsystem and Jason BK from Blackkat presents a random selection of underground mixes and live sets.
10:00 AM Shockraver from Milan, Italy rocks the sound system for 2 hours.
NOON ILL FM - from London UK. Live! Tuesday and Thursday (4 hour show)!
2:00 PM Random Upload Alert! Our listeners' music that has been uploaded to our server airs everyday but Thursday and Sunday.

3:00 PM DJ Oblivion's Untitled Hardcore Show - An hour of Happy Hardcore with Oblivion and guests. Everyday but Thursday.

4:00 PM Your Requests - every day but Thursday
5:00 PM milkrecords.net Presents - From Pittsburgh PA an eclectic mix of rave genres.
6:00 PM Top 10 Requests of the Week
7:00 PM Darkmatter SoundSystem presents - From Los Angeles, DJ Diskore
9:11 PM Truth Revolution Radio - w/ Cosmos - a round up of International 9/11 Activism
11:00PM Random DJs
SUNDAY schedule
NOON Sermon On the Mountpoint - DJ Deadly Buda speaks about important issues concerning the scene, followed by a Deadly Buda classic mix.

1:00 PM Stories Among Us - Joshua Hayward and friends discuss current events from an astrological perspective. Followed by Old School Pizzazz - ours Comic Book and media commentary show hosted by Don Kelly, followed by Deadly Buda classic Mixes

2:00 PM The Not Techno Show - We interrupt our regularly scheduled rave programming to bring you other styles of music.
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