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Record Shops and Distributors

Unearthly Records / DJ Controlled Weirdness Praxis Records
Communiqué / DJ ESP Dr. Freecloud's Mixing Lab
Drop Bass Network Soundbase
Industrial Strength Records Underground Music
Praxis Records Toolbox Records
Mokum Records Wrecked Distro
Atomic Hardcore Records / Dr. Freecloud's Mixing Lab


Somatic Responses DarkMatter Soundsystem
SubVersion M.L.E.H.
Low Res Spiral Tribe
Peace Off  
Suburban Trash
Digital Hardcore Records  
Sonic Groove  
Spiral Tribe  
Addict Records  
Deadly Buda Radio
-Classic Rave and Teknival-
Other Low Bandwidth Streams (AAC+ is best):
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DAILY SCHEDULE (all times California Pacific Standard Time)

Midnight - DJ Nikadeemas Classic Rave Mixes
2:00 AM Random DJs
4:00 AM DJ Deadly Buda Classic Rave Mixes
6:00 AM Random DJs
8:00 AM Dirt Down Under - DJ Amok from Renegade Virus Soundsystem and Jason BK from Blackkat presents a random selection of underground mixes and live sets.
10:00 AM Shockraver from Milan, Italy rocks the sound system for 2 hours.
NOON ILL FM - from London UK. Live! Tuesday and Thursday (4 hour show)!
2:00 PM Random Upload Alert! Our listeners' music that has been uploaded to our server airs everyday but Thursday and Sunday.

3:00 PM DJ Oblivion's Untitled Hardcore Show - An hour of Happy Hardcore with Oblivion and guests. Everyday but Thursday.

4:00 PM Your Requests - every day but Thursday
5:00 PM milkrecords.net Presents - From Pittsburgh PA an eclectic mix of rave genres.
6:00 PM Top 10 Requests of the Week
7:00 PM Darkmatter SoundSystem presents - From Los Angeles, DJ Diskore
9:11 PM Truth Revolution Radio - w/ Cosmos - a round up of International 9/11 Activism
11:00PM Random DJs
SUNDAY schedule
NOON Sermon On the Mountpoint - DJ Deadly Buda speaks about important issues concerning the scene, followed by a Deadly Buda classic mix.

1:00 PM Stories Among Us - Joshua Hayward and friends discuss current events from an astrological perspective. Followed by Old School Pizzazz - ours Comic Book and media commentary show hosted by Don Kelly, followed by Deadly Buda classic Mixes

2:00 PM The Not Techno Show - We interrupt our regularly scheduled rave programming to bring you other styles of music.
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