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Technically, this is an autobiography. I often hesitate to say, "I am Deadly Buda". One, because it sounds funny. The second, because I often feel as if it is a character that temporarily takes over my body so that it may be written about later...so... if you are still reading this let me tell you the story...

In 1983 I was 13 and heard the call of graffiti and Hip-Hop music. My experience with graffiti led me to become an internationally recognized artist featured in books, magazines, videos, festivals, art shows and uh… jail.

Using the name "Buda", I trail-blazed the “Monster Rock” letter style which has inspired much modern day graffiti. I painted with many old school graffiti masters such as Tracy 168, Phase 2, and Daze.Of course I went to high school during this time, but only to access the visual communications department in order to print T-shirts and stickers for my punk rock band Citizen Pain, which I was the singer of.

I dropped out of New York University because I got wrapped up in being a NYC club promoter (or “Club Kid”), and did a party at the RedZone as well as flyer design for MK and the World. In 1990 I received an NEA grant to do a major installation “Dawn of the Psychopaths” at Franklin Furnace in New York City. I had a few one person art shows, and I created a line of nationally distributed trading stickers called “Unstoppable Stickers” – featuring pictures of graffiti art on one side, and bios of the artists on the other.

A year later I became a rave promoter and DJ using the name Deadly Buda. I was known to be one of the hardest of the hardcore techno DJs. I played in many different cities in America and Europe. I opened “Turbo-Zen”, one of America’s first rave record shops and authored many articles published in several international publications, such as Alien Underground, Street Sounds and Under One Sky.

Some of my artwork is featured on album covers for labels such as Industrial Strength Records and Praxis, as well as various rave flyers.

I produced records released by labels in the US, England, France, Holland and Germany. All were good sellers in the Hardcore Techno genre.

I started my own record label, Deadly Systems in 1996. I created all the label's artwork, and produced the music for the first two releases. In addition, I wrote much of, published and edited “The Deadly Type” - a newspaper dedicated to the underground rave scene.

In 2000, URB magazine recognized me as one of the top 5 hardcore DJs and producers in America.

I wanted to create videos for my label’s music, so I became interested in 3D modeling and animation. I was fortunate to have a great teacher, Bob Anderson. He showed me the ins and outs of Lightwave 3D, a popular animation software, and after spinning at the “Together as One” New Years 2000 Rave at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, I moved to Los Angeles and transformed my one bedroom apartment into a full service animation facility.

I conceived, modeled, animated and rendered material for 3 nationally syndicated television programs, (A Gospel Christmas, Latino-American Filmmakers and African-American Filmmakers), as well as arranging theme music and serving as associate producer.

I now focus my creative energies on an animated film project based on my experience as a rave disc jockey and graffiti artist - extrapolated and exaggerated into the future. Of course it is called Deadly Buda and aims to be the ultimate rave movie - a project about art, music, ego, identity and its relationship to society. Deadly Buda is based on the character I was, or more realistically - wanted to be. As before: I hope the dreams, successes and failures of my life will be of good use to an audience.

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